Richard Coffel
– Richard Coffel is the Veteran’s Business Outreach Director Richard Coffel, VBOC Director, is helping veterans who want to start or expand their business. Rich comes to DVS from the New Mexico Workforce Connection where he was a Disabled Veteran Outreach Program specialist.  The Gary, Indiana native served 26 years in the U.S. Air Force and is a combat veteran of the Vietnam War.  He served over 18 years in the Pacific Theater of Operations with part of his career being in the Special Operations community.  Rich has an MBA from the University of Phoenix and has owned his own business and managed a business for his wife.  His family has a history of serving during times of war.  His grandfather served in the U.S. Marines in WWI and his father also served in the Marines during WWII being part of the invasion forces of Okinawa and the occupation of Japan. You can reach Rich Coffel at (505) 220-9932

Kymm Posey 
is the Business Operations Specialist

You can reach Kymm Posey at
Phone: (505) 250-9967